There are a number of educational programs to choose from when deciding how you want your child diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to be taught. Over the years, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) has spread around the world because of its positive impact on people’s lives, improving a multitude of skills such as communicative language, socialization, and cognitive development. Behavioral treatment, such as ABA, is the most popular method chosen by parents in Québec (Institut National d’Excellence en Santé et en Services Sociaux, 2013). In addition, all our therapists are ABA-trained and followed by a supervisor weekly.

ABA does not only refer to a type of therapy; it also refers to a set of principles. The principles of behaviour analysis, and learning, are based on scientific facts. Although we may not be aware of those principles, we are using them every day in life; for example, we do things that make us feel good, and we don’t do things that make us feel bad. Indeed, we do things that result in positive consequences rather than negative consequences.

ABA can be applied in a variety of ways (please read the section on ABA to learn more). The traditional way of implementing ABA is called discrete trial learning (DTT). This is however only one application of the principles of learning. There are other ways, which include using naturalistic settings, capitalizing on the child's inherent motivation, paying more attention to what the child is saying to us, and capitalizing on what makes the child feel good and happy. At La Fondation Place Coco, we utilize the various necessary components of ABA for your child’s programs; every child learning abilities are different, and we use the techniques that are most appropriate and optimal for each child, all within the broad scope of ABA. In addition, we follow a Verbal Behaviour (VB) approach and protocol to develop your child’s intervention program. We believe we will provide the individual intervention plan that can provide learning that is natural, based on a child’s abilities, and your finances.

At our preschool, the children will likely start out with a 1:1 observation, and then it is our goal to get the children to be with peers as soon as they are ready, or right away if your child has similar skills with others already enrolled in the program. It is our philosophy that children learn so much more language and develop their skills in a group setting, by being monitored and encouraged by trained staff. Our small group approach provides direct assistance, and a low teacher to student ratio, in order to ensure maximum success for all our learners. The final goal of therapy is to have a child generalize previously taught items during therapy, and used those new responses in a new setting, with new people, and with new objects. At La Fondation Place Coco, in collaboration with The Little Red Playhouse, we provide this important integration from therapy to real life experiences in a classroom with peers. This gradual integration enables the child to function better his future school environment.

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